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What might you like to know...?

Codewise Presentation Manager is a unique product developed by the good folks at Twisted Lime Media Inc. and designed to ensure proper delivery of a Web site to any type of Web enabled device. Not only can it aid in creating great looking, easy to navigate, interactive sites, but it does so without losing the fundamentals such as SEO findability, accessibility and device independence.

Whether your site is visited from a Mac, Windows, or hand held device such as a Palm, Pocket PC, or a Web-enabled cell phone, a Codewise enabled site will ensure proper viewing of your information across any browser on any supported platform. Want a site that looks full-on Flash enabled? Not a problem. Want it to be viewed on an iPhone as well? Also not a problem. Really.

Contact us today with your Web or new media project requirements and see how Twisted Lime Media Inc. can help.


Web Development

Full service Web design and development...

The Twisted Lime Media Inc. Web development team can change your current Web site into a state-of-the-art showcase for your business. Original design and cutting-edge technology can turn your Web site into a powerful marketing asset.

Do you need more than just the usual Web site? Innovative Web site development is our specialty with the Codewise Presentation Manager web solution. A Codewise enabled Web site is dynamic and flexible, enabling your business to make rapid changes, keeping your site up-to-date with product development, seasonal promotions and technological needs.


Codewise Presentation Manager (CPM)

A powerful and flexible system for managing the presentation of your Web site...

Codewise Presentation Manager is a “Just-In-Time” Web page rendering engine that is able to target virtually any device capable of accessing a Web site, particularly when coupled with Codewise Content Objects. Codewise allows for delivering a single-source Web site to any type of Web-enabled device running on any platform running under any operating system. It enables flexibility for quick design implementation, and rapid, seamless changes regardless of the size or scale of your Web site.

CPM also allows for the deployment of multiple “skins” (any number of completely different looks and feels for your Web site) as needed without having to recode every page. This leads to a huge cost savings — in time, money, and resources — for any sized Web site or marketing budget. It allows businesses to make changes that keep their Web presence in step with current product offerings, seasonal promotions, and those ever-arising technological needs without incurring the costs typically associated with major Web site migration efforts.

Codewise Content Objects enhance the content of a Web site, allowing it to target not just multiple platforms and browsers, but the majority of devices such as Palm and PocketPC hand-helds or Web enabled cell phones.

A Codewise enabled site allows for separating the content from the presentation. This means that a site driven by Codewise can be rendered on-the-fly, a process essentially known as “skinning”. Without CCO integration, when a Web site is skinned for a hand-held device, the overall look and feel as well as primary navigation will be accounted for, however none of the page content will be targeted for that device.

With CCO integration, in-page content enjoys the same benefits of on-the-fly rendering. When there is content that can be targeted for specific devices, Codewise Content Objects handle the delivery intelligently.

For example, large images can be replaced with more than just scaled down versions. Codewise Content Objects allow for automatic embedding of in-page images based on the particular skin rendered at the time. They also allow for alternating in-page content (including new media content such as audio, video, Flash, etc.) based on the requesting device, i.e. QuickTime™ movies for desktop computers, Windows Media movies for PocketPC devices, and Kinoma video for PalmOS devices.

What can Codewise do for your business?

Codewise can turn your Web site from a budgetary liability to a powerful marketing asset. Imagine having the option to use your Web site for promotional purposes month-to-month, or even week-to-week. Regardless of the size of your Web site, with Codewise your business can integrate your Web presence into your current and future marketing efforts with ease.

Licensing for individual sites or in-house development capabilities are now available. For further information or a free presentation, contact us.


New Media Design

Clear, effective communication, no matter how great or small the amount of content...

New media involves as many of the user’s senses as possible, enabling the ability to make choices in exploring the information presented. Unleash the power of new media for your business!

The potential time and cost-savings are enormous when using new media. Using Codewise Presentation Manager content can be viewed from a DVD, CD-ROM, or via the Internet. Twisted Lime Media Inc. can help your company create unique and customized new media solutions to meet your specific needs.

Imagine the value of a CD or DVD that is no longer constrained by going out of date. With a Codewise enabled disc, your offline content can make use of an online connection by automatically and seamlessly pulling presentational information from an online repository of information.

Contact us for a free consultation on how new media can be used to enhance your business today.


Graphic Design Services

Full service graphic design services for the Web and for print media...

Graphic design is an integral part of every project, whether it be new media, Web or print production. A professionally designed piece can make the difference in communicating your company’s message to its target audience.

Twisted Lime Media Inc. offers graphic design services for all your marketing and communication needs. Our designers are experienced in all aspects of pre-press and electronic delivery. From interactive CD-ROMs, video effects and Web sites to logos, brochures and business cards, a complete marketing solution is possible with Twisted Lime Media Inc.


Visual Identity & Integrated Marketing

All aspects of visual identity and integrated marketing...

Twisted Lime Media Inc. can integrate New Media into any ad campaign, mixing traditional delivery with innovative and interactive technologies.

These solutions will help your company excel in product information delivery for direct sales, tradeshows and kiosks.

Make your business a participant in today’s worldwide, 24/7 marketplace. A well-designed Web site is a sales tool that never sleeps.

By creating much more than a static page with a nod to technology, Twisted Lime Media Inc. is able to create an Internet presence that will showcase your places or products with virtual displays.

All your advertising visuals can be incorporated into a dynamic environment for you current and potential clients. Up-to-date product information, interactive virtual tours of your offerings, and training information in virtual or video format are cost efficient possibilities for an interactive Web site.

Twisted Lime Media Inc. can “Codewise-enable” your Web site for a CD-ROM delivery solution making access available virtually anywhere, at any time, for anyone.



A variety of designs and functionality...

Here’s a sampling of some of the work that we’ve done.

Payper Box
 Payper Box -

This site for a paper reseller based out of the UK. The design is intended to be rich in colour and simple line art graphics to appeal to kids and to emphasize the focus on the paper and craft content.

Of particular interest in this project would be the catalog. This custom, searchable product catalog can be filtered by product category, and has been connected to PayPal’s shopping cart and e-commerce solution.

Nuna Logistics
 Nuna Logistics -

This site includes a number of advanced features such as a Flash introduction (launched automatically the first time you visit the site’s home page), an interactive Flash-based project map (from main menu on any page choose Projects > The Winter Road > Launch...), animated page loading, image rotators, “Expand-O-Matic” content, popup layers and tool tips, print mode, and more.

Spot Brand
 Spot Bikes -

This site was built for a local bicycle shop and parts manufacturer. Of interest may be the full-screen splash screen, page load animation effects, custom context menu (right-click menu), and the news scroller. This site will eventually include a searchable online product catalog that will tie into the client’s existing third-party e-commerce solution.

Note that only the “hard goods” portion of the site was designed by us: the Spot Wool clothing site is not our work.

Antique Olde Home
 Antique Olde Home Resource Shoppe -

In addition to the design and functionality of this site, an aspect of interest may be the newsletter signup interactivity.

Note that this is an interim version of the site that is in production. The site is still under development, though, and will eventually include a searchable online product catalog and accompanying e-commerce solution.

Made in VR, skin #1...
 Made in VR (skin #1) -

Made in VR is our sister company. This Codewise site features 2 different skins, skin-specific content (note the Flash banners in one skin versus the other), print mode, Palm and PocketPC emulation, and more. Skin #1 is shown above...

...and Made in VR, skin #2!
 Made in VR (skin #2) -

...and here is skin #2. It’s the exact same content, but there are 2 totally different designs, menu implementa-tions, sets of Flash advertisements, etc. Go on, try it out for yourself: you’ll see the difference just as you notice it’s the exact same URL!

Banner Recreational Products
 Banner Recreational Products -

Banner Recreational Products was one of our first BRP dealer web sites, with many more to come.

F. Constantineau et fils inc.
 F. Constantineau et fils inc. -

F. Constantineau et fils inc. is our first French language BRP dealer web site customer!

Greenrock Films
 Greenrock Films -

This site is for an independent film and television production house based in Vancouver. The client’s love of all things Irish dictated the design of this site and its branding.

Brix Living
 Brix Living -

This is a site for a local real estate developer. Simple and straightforward in functionality, it was designed to graphically feature Vancouver’s Commercial Drive area.


Strategic Alliances

Our business allies...

 B3 Communications -

 Radial Hosting -


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